What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor (CI) is a powerful tool that allows you to sign your own apps. Signing apps is also known as sideloading. Most people sideload apps to get rid of ads that other app providers inject. Unlike the app provider's apps, these apps will not get randomly revoked because you are signing it yourself. However, the certificate will expire every 7 days. This means you will have to resign the application every week.

Before you begin to read through the tutorial, download Cydia Impactor for the appropriate operating system. Cydia Impactor comes in a zip folder. You will have to extract the compressed folder to use the executable.

Once you have extracted the compressed folder, double-click on the file named Impactor. The file may have an extension such as .application or .exe. If this is your first-time using CI a popup will ask if you would like to check for software updates. We recommend you keep CI updated.

How do I use Cydia Impactor?

  1. Navigate to the app page and find an app that has a "Download IPA" button. This tutorial will use Spotify++ as an example. application page screenshot

  2. Once you click the "Download IPA" button you will be redirected to another website. You must validate that you are human by clicking the checkbox and waiting 10 seconds. The file will not download automatically. So if something downloads automatically do not open it. If you are having trouble getting passed the ads please contact us on twitter.

  3. If you passed the ads successfully you should see a file with a .ipa extension.

  4. Open up CI if not already open. Once open, connect your Apple device to your computer with a charging cable. You may have to allow your computer as a trusted device before you see your phone show up on Cydia Impactor. If that still does not work, make sure you for popups within iTunes and accept those too. You may have to redo this step multa couple times before your phone shows up on successfully.

  5. If everything worked, you should see your phone's name in the CI window and Cydia Extender directly below it. cydia impactor phone accepted

  6. Now locate your unsigned application file. Drag the .ipa file onto the Cydia Impactor window. If it works you should see a window asking for your Apple ID. apple id window

  7. Sign in with your Apple ID creditials. (Cydia Impactor and IOS Haven do not have access to your Apple ID creditials. Only Apple knows what it is.) Once you have signed in successfully, you will see a progress bar appear. Wait for the progress bar to finish.

  8. Finally, use your phone to locate the new app on the home screen. If you see a new app, you will need to go to Settings -> General -> Device Management then click on your email. Then trust your successfully signed application. Repeat process every 7 days.

I Received an Error! What do I do?

No worries. You are probably not the only person that has encountered this issue. Here are a list of links that can help you fix common errors.