Icon Themer

This shortcut requires iOS 14 for optimal functionality. If you’re on iOS 13, only a few apps will work out of the box, and you may have to enable Reduce Motion to make the experience more seamless. When theming home screen icons without a jailbreak, the inability to launch apps directly without the Shortcuts app opening first has been a long-standing issue. However, in iOS 14, Apple introduced the ability for web clips to launch apps directly without going through Safari, so I created this shortcut to make use of this feature. This will not fix your existing shortcut icons. Instead, watch the demo video to see how to recreate them using this shortcut. It will generate a configuration profile for you that launches the chosen app directly with a custom icon and label. You’ll be redirected to the Settings app and you’ll have to enter your passcode to finish the installation. Don’t worry, this is completely safe – the profiles will only add icons to your home screen, they won’t expire or get revoked and they can be removed anytime. On iOS 14, the created icons should be able to launch most third party apps with the default URL scheme (bundle ID), but some of them may display an error message if an incorrect one is used. iOS 13 requires an appropriate URL scheme for any app to launch at all. I will try to maintain a list of URL schemes for popular apps that is queried on the fly and will not require a shortcut update. Advanced users can also specify the URL scheme manually.
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