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Are you unable to install an app?

Read more! This quick tutorial will help you get the most out of games, apps, shortcuts, and other iOS features. This tutorial is insurance that you can buy into.

How to decide between installation or download?

What is the difference between installing and downloading apps?

Apps are entirely user submitted which means some apps are directly installed to your iOS device (ITMS) while other apps require a computer (IPA) such as a Apple MacBook Pro.


ITMS apps require a trusted enterprise certificate. When a trusted certificate cannot be located, apps are considered to be "unsigned" or "revoked".

"Unsigned" apps are apps that are waiting for a newly purchased certificate. Any certificate will work for personal apps but public apps must be enterprise.

"Revoked" apps are no longer signed and the certificate is no longer trusted. This means you must find another certificate or buy your own. We suggest traveling around provider sites because they can cost as much as a car!


IPA apps are "unsigned" meaning they can be used freely. However, you will need a high-quality computer or a virtual private server to sign IPA files.

Our fiends AppValley, iOS Gods, TutuBox, AltStore, and Scarlet all provide ways to sign IPA files. However, nobody has search capabilities and support like we do. We are here to help you find what you need.

Direct Installation

Sometimes apps will prompt for "iTunes". This is a bug, so tap "Open" to continue.

Next, a popup will ask to install the app you selected. Press "Install".

Once downloaded, locate the app on you phone. If it works, there is nothing else to do. Otherwise, you may see a message like the following.

How do I trust a certificate?

If you see the previous message, you need to trust the certificate in your settings. Navigate to SETTINGS > GENERAL > PROFILES & DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Selected a certificate and you should see a screen like the following.

Verify the certificate is for the app you just downloaded. Then press "Trust". Now you can open your app, congratulations!!


The techniques for side-loading change occasionally. Use AltStore, Cydia Impactor, or Scarlet first. If the problem persists, contact us on Twitter @ioshavencom.

If you made it this far, you are a genius! You are on your way to putting more money into the bank! Keep up the good work!