Easy FTP Pro

  • Easy FTP Pro for iPhone and iPad offer all the features of a desktop client. Make changes to your website from anywhere!! Includes text editor with color coding: html, php, perl, python.. and printing, images and documents viewer, extract ZIP, 7-zip and RAR files, web browser, audio player, mp4,avi,... video player ,Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Mega and WebDAV, also helps you to access files on your remote computer (Mac, Windows, Linux), NAS Servers, and more... Main Feature list:
  • Bookmarks, export and import them in a xml file or Import Filezilla bookmarks.
  • Save and get pictures or videos from the Photo Library, also upload them directly to a server.
  • Includes text editor with color coding: html, perl, python...
  • Web Browser with multiple tabs, Bookmarks, Download files, Modify the type of browser detected...
  • WebDAV: download nad upload files and folders, rename, create folders, view photos...
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Mega: Upload and download files and folders, rename, create folders, file sharing, view photos...
  • Computer shared files (SMB). Upload and download files, access with credentials, photo viewer...
  • Include a console to see the FTP commands sent and received from the server.
  • 3D touch support: Peek at documents, photos and Audio files, Quick Actions for FTP/SFTP bookmarks.
  • FXP: connect to two servers at a time and transfers files between them (some servers may not support it).
  • Support for Split-Screen Multitasking on iPad*
  • Search and open files from spotlight.
  • Support for pip when playing MP4 and MOV files on iPad. some devices • FTP
  • Support SSL/TSL over FTP (explicit or implicit mode). Support TLS session resumption.
  • Support list format in UNIX and Windows server.
  • Support file list with different text encodings.
  • Delete or create folders, delete folders with files and folders inside.
  • Download and Upload folders.
  • Search files and folders.
  • Set one or more files permission.
  • Support for PRET.
  • Send Commands. • SFTP
  • Browse, upload, download, delete and rename from any SFTP server.
  • Download, upload, delete or create folders.
  • Search files and folders.
  • Set one or more files permission.
  • Send SSH Commands. • Viewers
  • Word,Excel,Powerpoint,Numbers,Pages,documents:rtf,txt,c,h...
  • PDF viewer with paging, zoom, bookmarks, page preview...
  • Includes an image viewer and image editor with zoom and tools to crop, resize, and rotate.
  • Audio Player that displays the cover, also artist, title, genre and album.
  • Video player that support: avi, divx, xvid, wmv, mpg, mkv, flv, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp. Suport srt subtitle files and audio track selection. • Compression tools
  • Unzip zip and 7zip files, also password protected files.
  • Make new ZIP archives with the stored files.
  • Decompress RAR files, including multipart and password protected files. • Text Editor
  • Supports 30 different text encodings, also auto-detect encoding.
  • Newline character management, auto-detect included: Windows or Linux/MAC/UNIX.
  • Color coding and printing.
  • Ability to edit text files from the server with the editor and re-upload your changes.
  • Unknow files can be opened as text. • File Manager
  • Open, Rename, Move, Delete, Create Folder, sort files,...
  • Displays thumbnail of images, video, and song’s covers.
  • Supports downloading attachments from mail app.
  • App can Save and Open files with other apps. • Sharing
  • Share access to the stored files from a web browser, also upload files.
  • FTP server.
  • you can protect the access with a password.
  • USB File Sharing via iTunes.
  • Email Files as Attachments. • Other Features
  • A pin code, pattern or Touch ID can be set to restrict the access to the application.
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Easy FTP Pro