ZENFORMS: Protectors
Free Game

Features include:

  • 132 ZENFORMS to catch, train and develop- With more on the way!
  • An evolving story that adds more chapters with big updates.
  • New features, content, and new places to explore with new updates.
  • Online system known as the CP Garden with Daily Quests, Weekend Giveaways and monthly battle Leagues.
  • Online Mystery Trading- Trade and grow your Zenform team.
  • Master ZENFORMS skills to match your battle strategy.
  • Echo Battle system- Ability to battle other player's ZENFORMS that are controlled by A.I.
  • Echo Battle League- Compete against other players to win the seasonal league.
  • Access to Calis Project Forum for hints, tips, sneak peeks and users input.
  • Take part in the ever-growing online community.
  • Collect items and progress through the storyline.
  • Free updates.
  • Customised Avatar.
  • Offline Gameplay.
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ZENFORMS: Protectors