Forbidden Island
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- Forbidden Island is a cooperative game of strategy and courage as you and up to three other adventurers attempt to capture the four ancient treasures hidden on a sinking island. It's a thrilling adventure based on the best-selling Gamewright board game. - Forbidden Island was the secluded retreat of an ancient mystical empire known as the Archeans. - Legend has it that the Archeans possessed the ability to control the Earth's elements - fire, wind, water, and earth - through four sacred treasures: The Crystal of Fire, The Statue of the Wind, The Ocean's Chalice, and The Earth Stone. Because of their potential to cause catastrophic damage if they fell into enemy hands, the Archeans kept the treasures secretly hidden on Forbidden Island and designed it to sink if intruders ever attempted to claim them. In the centuries since the mysterious collapse of their empire, Forbidden Island remained undiscovered ... until now. - Will your team be the first to breach its borders, capture the treasures, and make it out alive? - Awarded as Mensa Select in 2010 and nominated for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in 2011, Forbidden Island is a fantastic game that's fun and engaging for all who play. Features: - Co-operative gameplay for 2-4 players - Single player gameplay (by controlling multiple Adventurers) - Game Center Achievements - Side-by-side or Around-the-Table board layouts - Beautiful artwork - Interactive tutorial and in-depth rulebook - Context aware in-game hints - Includes two different island shapes, providing different gameplay challenges - A single in-app purchase for 10 more island shapes - Facebook and Twitter integration. Share your Achievements! Tested and compatible with iOS 11.
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