12 Minute Athlete
Get In Shape!

FEATURES Includes detailed instructions & video demonstrations of the exercises to help you get through each of the workouts. Just pick how long you want your workout to be, choose which equipment you want to use, then work hard!

  • 185+ full-body HIIT workouts to choose from. Workouts are either 12 minutes, 16 minutes or time challenge.
  • Short, intense workouts focus on strength, cardio, interval & core training.
  • Seven possible equipment choices with option to choose bodyweight-only workout as well.
  • Simple functionality, easy & fun to use.
  • 35+ bodyweight and equipment-based exercises included.
  • Access to step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for every exercise, any time.
  • Ability to save favorite workouts and interval timers for easy access.
  • Share your workout on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Interval timer & stopwatch give options to do your own workouts at any time.
  • Integration with the iPhone Health Application NEW: BECOME A SUPER ATHLETE Join the virtual 12 Minute Athlete gym & take your fitness to the next level. Subscribe now for $4.99 a month & you’ll get:
  • Immediate access to 200+ awesome new workouts, including AMRAP, boxing, tabata workouts & more
  • Set up goals for how many workouts a week you want to do and the app will remind you
  • Get all new workouts 3-4x a week pushed straight to your phone as soon as they're released on 12minuteathlete.com!
  • Workout Tracking & Data Visualization: Track your workout activity, view your PRs & see lifetime insights with really cool graphs and visual aids.
  • User Profile & Goal Setting: Easily view your personal data, keep track of PRs, workout frequency & more.
  • Workout Power Packs: Power Packs include Apartment-friendly workouts, Tabata workouts, Boxing workouts & more!
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