SpeedBox Performance Tracking
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Track your driving performance now! - automated launch timing + quarter mile timer for your sports car - This app is for GPS based tracking of real-time measured data. - Perfect for drag racing, street racing, and race track. Advantage: - safety: no use of stopwatches necessary while driving - comfortable: hands-off usage through automatic measurement - simple: just accelerate the car to start measurement - cheap: other hardware solutions costs hundreds of Dollars - You can do quick performance measurements and get performance data while driving. - You can choose between following preset modes: 0-60 mph, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 1/2 mile, 0-35 mph, 60-120 mph, 100-200 mph, 80-120 km/h, 0-250 km/h, etc. - Measurement starts and ends automatically by chosen velocity mode. - You can do more than one measurement automatically after each other - Compare your times before and after improvements of your car and with your friends. - Altitude (uphill / downhill) - There will be a countdown sequence before start. - Ideal low budget solution for track days und club racing days. GameCenter-Integration: - Transfer your results into leaderboards of Apple's GameCenter and compare to others - Defy friends - Send your results to friends via GameCenter (SMS, Email, etc.)
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