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Filter Candy is a collection of powerful film-emulation presets and editing tools. Edit your photos with our presets to transform them into something beautiful. Our extensive collection of presets have something which is ideal for almost any setting or subject. Enhance your photos with editing tools (such as but not limited to vignette, grain, sharpness, exposure, contrast, saturation) and share with loved ones. Included preset packs:

  • Essential: This pack consists of our most popular and versatile presets
  • Classic: Vintage-inspired pack recreates the look of days gone by
  • Instant: Recreate the look of tradition instant film with this pack
  • Slide: Vivid colors and extreme contrast makes this pack ideal for fashion and outdoors
  • Creative: Reimagine the boundaries of color with this pack
  • Black: Create a stronger emotional connection with your subject by removing the distraction of color
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Filter Candy