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DriveBox is an intelligent vehicle app, built for car, truck, motorcycle and all types of vehicle lovers, and daily users. It brings all your content and in-car entertainment under one roof. Features include in-car gadgets, music, maps, video, calls, radio, widgets and much more for your ultimate driving experience. Unlock the retro speedometer and mount it to your dashboard or simply use our StreetView maps feature. Keep up to date with current in-car trends by utilizing an app takes your driving experience to the next level. **Main features:** Dashboard - Featured weather widget with forecasting - Display time and date data - Access your in-car gadgets Music - DriveBox utilises Apple’s CarPlay features to allow you to connect to your vehicle with Bluetooth (or cable) and use your steering wheel knobs to control your music - DriveBox EyesFree® gesture controls (simple gestures to browse and listen to your music) without ever taking your eyes off the road - DriveBox MusicFx® presents your music in a beautiful and minimal effects panel which also feature our Eyes Free gesture controls - Filter between Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists and Audiobooks - Experience full graphic and visual richness with all your music artwork in full color - Repeat or shuffle your tracks for pleasure World Web Radio - Listen the world's best radio from over 600 stations - Choose from many different countries, including your own Video - View your videos directly inside our player (non-DRM) - Access DRM (digital rights managed) video on your device - Filter between your Movies, TV Shows, Vodcasts and Personal Videos - Experience full graphic and visual richness with all your video artwork in full color Youtube - Search for Youtube videos directly in the DriveBox app - Videos presented in your search choice between HD and SD quality - View your video in full screen mode directly inside DriveBox app Calls - Pull in all your address book contacts directly into DriveBox app - Use of large buttons and typography for ease of calling - Integration of Skype® and FaceTime® - Connect your device via bluetooth for hands free conversations Maps - DriveBox StreetView presents a 360 degrees full color view of your desired destination point (available as in app purchase) - DriveBox StreetView displays desired destination weather information - Get directions to your chosen destinations with Apple Maps®, GMaps®, Waze®, Navigon®, TomTom® eSygic® Web Browser - Use our browser directly inside the DriveBox app - Access, save and edit your favorites for ease of use - Features forward and back buttons for a smooth and fluid interaction
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