iManager - إدارة ملفاتك
Hidden App

iManager app make you able to manage and browse your files easier with new and simple user interface in iManager App you can do the followings: 1- Save your files 2- Listen to your audio files 3- Watch your saved videos files 4- Share contents (Audio, videos and pdfs) to your friends 5- Browse and download your files from internet and save it in easy way 6- Make any file starred so it can be easy to access it quickly next time 7- Play videos in background. Coming Features: 1- Make Pdf From Photos or Camera 2- Settings (you will can change language in next releases and manage more settings inside app) 3- Play and edit in your audio files 4- Clip your videos files into parts 5- Make Folders and move files in your created folders I hope that the App will make you happy and love your iPhone more any problem with the app you can contact me directly in support URL.
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