Slickpoo: The Clown
Free Game

- His raven is his third eye.
 - His velvet bear is his alarm. - He is intelligent.
 - He is rude.
 - He is fast. - He laughs hysterically while he chases you. **You have 6 tries.** - You notice couple of things on your work desk, weird machine connected to PC and message light blinking on your phone. You look through telescope and you see Him. The search begins. ___________________________________________________ - Craft tools which will help you to advance in your search - Be intelligent more than him - Sneak - Run and hide - And most important, don’t be scared Key Features : 
 - Tense Gameplay - Puzzles - Interactive Environment - Jump scares - Crafting Machine 
 - Stealth first-person Key advice : - Shoot the messenger
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