Prof. Hornet Teleprompter Pro

- Perfect for any situation: Youtube videos, business or school presentations, video journalism, video production work, keynote addresses, wedding toasts.. or any kind of event! Our autocue-app includes a number of innovative features: - Create your own scripts or import them from other apps such as Google Drive, Email, Box.. - Use the 'Open with' option that is available, for example, in iOS mail apps. - Files accepted are: .txt, .rtf, .doc and .docx. - Enter in edit mode and configure the script: - Font family: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Helvetica, Verdana and much more. - Font size: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 130 and 150px. - Font color: black, white and any rgb color - Font weight: bold - light - Highlight your keywords: underline, italic, strike.. - Text alignment - Background color... - The format is up to you. Customize your readings. (Tip: Choose 'Recommended font and size') - Configure your read: - Speed in words per minute - from 25 wpm to 300 wpm - Mirror mode - Mirror text for use with teleprompter glass rigs - Background color - Autostart timer - countdown - Video-view size - Select your teleprompter guide - Your script will automatically scroll closely to the camera, so it always looks like you’re looking directly at the lens. - Landscape and portrait mode. - Remote control independent app. - Apple Watch remote controller app. - Add notes, comments, indexes or anything you need to remember during your speech. - Drag and drop elements in the player - move your notes, video-view and play-pause button. - Estimated remaining time and elapsed time on the screen (mm:ss). - Record yourself and save your videos to your camera roll (Video and audio recording) - Reading guide and line indicator to help keep your place. - Move up and down easily. - Configure the environment. - Share your scripts with your teammates and friends. - Customer support messaging system - Are you having issues? need help? we will help you as soon as possible.
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