Dex: Your AR Dog Companion
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Taking advantage of Unreal Engine’s augmented reality tech, Dex will show up right at the comfort of your living room! Perfect for anyone wants a canine companion without the troubles of allergies or pesky apartment restrictions. Release Feature List - Train Dex and have him level up to reliably perform simple command such as “sit” and silly tricks like “peek-a-boo”. - Dex is a virtual pet and by extension has virtual needs. Be responsible and make sure Dex gets enough food and play time! A bit of advice: a happy dog is also an obedient dog! - Build a collection of toys each with unique interactions for Dex! - Take out Dex for walks in the park using follow and stop commands. - Have Dex sniff out treasure to get more coins! - Change Dex’s name to personalize them as your own. Product Backlog With enough success, here are some of the ideas that we have in mind to expand Dex: Your AR Dog Companion. Add some ideas of your own to the comment section on what you would like to see from an app like this! - Dog Accessories: outfit Dex with different collars, outfits, or socks? - Dog House: give Dex a personally customized home with a comfy bed to lay on! - Progressive Training: watch Dex get better as he learns new tricks. - Authentic Training System: be able to train Dex using authentic dog training techniques. - Dog Play Dates: Arrange play dates for you and your friend’s virtual dog!
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