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eFiles is a file manager with everything you need for your phone here you can see all the functions that this app can do and working to put more. ••FEATURES•• • Password lock ~ Biometric authentication ~ TouchID or FaceID • The Navigator ~ Navigation Tab ~ Check the http connection ~ The search engine can choose Google, Bing or Yahoo ~ Bookmark Manager ~ Supports User-Agent ~ Save as from page • The Gestures or Download Manager ~ The download shows the percent of the file ~ You can pause and resume the download you can also cancel ~ The very modern progress bar that you can see how your download is going ~ Has a function to add a bone download add download ~ Name the file ~ With one touch you can easily access your files • File Manager ~ A complete audio player with playlist that shows song and cover information. ~ MP4 video player. ~ You can create folders ~ You can move copy and rename files and folders ~ You can see your documents .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .txt, .html ~ Save and get images or videos from the library ~ Image viewer ~ The application can save and open files in other applications ~ Share files with friends • File transfer ~ iTunes USB file sharing allows you to drag and drop files ~ HTTP support ~ File transfer via Wi-Fi from a computer • Multitasking ~ Background download • You can also Unzip your Compressed Files ~ RAR file extractor ~ UnZIp Zip File ~ Unzip rar file and password protected • Setting ~ Search Engine why Search Engine wants me to search ~ Home page ~ Among other things • Other features ~ A password can be set to restrict access ••••• Among other functions ••••• The best that is free, everything is unlimited, any questions please contact us [email protected]
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