The Earth
Free Game

- Investigate how landforms are created. - See the Earth transform over time, from a sphere of boiling rock to the continents we live on today. - Dig under the surface and observe the Earth’s layers from the crust to core. - Weather, erode, and deposit rocks and sediment. Shape the land with your fingertips! - Make a river meander. Make a glacier recede and advance. Create sand dunes, sea stacks, and beaches. Trigger a rockslide! - Discover fossils as you investigate rock formations. - See how plants weather the Earth by making your own garden. - Discover mysteries like frost wedging, stalactites and stalagmites, and hotspots. - Experiment with four different types of volcanoes. - Earth Day ecology bonus interactions about conservation: test clean energy sources, clean up beaches, and preserve forests. - Learn new vocabulary in 40+ languages with interactive labels in close-up scenes. - Original artwork by Sarah Jacoby. - Intuitive, safe, and kid-friendly design. - Entertaining for kids and adults alike — play together and learn together!
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