Manifesto - fast instant video & voice recorder
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- Record instantly and voice it loudly. - Shoot video or capture audio with one tap and make it public in a click. Fully supporting iOS 10. - Have you tried to instantly record a video or audio when it happens, and not seconds after? Do you want to make a bold statement and show it to the entire world right now? Have you missed something great around you lately? With Manifesto you can: - INSTANTLY capture video or audio just by starting the app. - SWITCH between video and audio recording with a swipe. - PAUSE the video and audio recording whenever you need it. - KEEP your records organized by type, time and even location. - SHARE your unique story or the full timeline, the simple way. Some hints: - To edit the default description of the record, click on it once. - To display only audio or video entries, tap the category button. - While sharing, tap twice the same toggle to select all the files. - To change the mode and continue recording, swipe quickly at start. - To upload audio, act the same as for video, it will be converted. - Set the privacy setting for the record, it will be saved for future. - Bring to light the hidden stories!
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