Text Maze 2 - Whole New World
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  • Text Maze 2 is a great retro game invoking all the fun of the old Apple II games. Like its predecessor the levels are made completely of text characters.
  • Unlike the original version, this version includes an entire world complete with various characters and monsters to interact with. There is a castle, a dungeon, towns and even some other special locations to explore. This game relies on the touch interface for everything, including combat.
  • Not only is it a complete world, you can interact with it in many ways. You can simply explore. You can meet people. You can fight monsters. If that wasn't enough, it is possible to destroy walls to make your own way.
  • If you are unsure of an item on the map, simply touch it and its description will show up. To attack, simply put the game into attack mode and touch where you want to hit. The game includes ranged weapons - including a bombs.
  • If this wasn't enough to explore, each new game presents entirely random maps to explore. So, if you happen to beat the game once, you can start again for a new experience. Some features of the game include:
  • An overhead map
  • The outdoor map wraps around to simulate a globe
  • A reputation system that rewards you for good deeds
  • Sound effects
  • Basic Ray tracing
  • Cool Retro graphics
  • Authentic Apple II green screen look
  • Unlimited replay-ability
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Text Maze 2 - Whole New World