Night Vision (Photo & Video)
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Optimized for iPhone 5,5S , iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6S .6S Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7. 7+

  • Let us introduce our latest developed application - Night Vision. The application takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iPhone.
  • Sophisticated algorithm was developed during 4 years - now you can judge the result! The new Maximal Amplification Mode - culmination of our Research and Development team, utilises a breakthrough technology, pushing all the computing and hardware abilities of your phone to the limit, thus producing an outstanding effect.
  • The application works without any delays and lags. During the photo/video recording you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result as well as set any 1-8x zoom simultaneous to the recoding. The application has own library to organise photos and videos, and share them on the Facebook, DropBox and Twitter. Features:
  • Amplification mode picker
  • Amplifier picker
  • Colour saturation picker
  • Green amplification mode
  • Fast exposure
  • Front, rear camera
  • Led light
  • HD photo video mode
  • Focus refresh button
  • 8x zoom
  • Built In library
  • Photo video slider
  • E-mail photo video share
  • Facebook photo video share
  • Twitter photo video share
  • Dropbox photo video share
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Night Vision (Photo & Video)