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  • sPlayer is the universal app. You can install it in any other iOS device without additional purchase.
  • sPlayer can play all video formats and encodings, allowing you to play video files on your mobile device without need to convert to MP4.
  • sPlayer supports ASS/SSA effects subtitles, you can experience the full effects subtitles like on your PC / Mac.
  • sPlayer has powerful networking technologies that allow you play media from your PC or NAS directly ,without any space occupied in your limited device, without the need to download anything.
  • sPlayer also allows you to easily download files or directory directly from your PC or NAS, it must be the best friend for your trip.
  • sPlayer supports a variety of gestures, just move your fingers, you can adjust the playback position, font size, control volume and brightness.
  • sPlayer takes great care to protect your privacy, it has folder encryption, so you no longer have to worry about privacy issues. sPlayer more detailed features are as follows:
  • SMB / CIFS playback/discovery (play media files on your pc easily).
  • Download media file or directory from SAMBA directly.
  • UPnP / DLNA playback/discovery.
  • Airplay playback.
  • Support iPad split-screen multitasking .
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Support subtitle effective.
  • Media preview in seeking.
  • Built-in audio enhancement.
  • Multi soundtrack selection.
  • Embedded/External subtitle-track selection.
  • Subtitle synchronization .
  • Support for external subtitle font selection .
  • 0.5x-2.0x playback speed control.
  • 0.5x-5.0x zoom screen.
  • Preview for playlist file before run it.
  • Play bluray directory.
  • Manage and edit playlist on the fly. File Management:
  • Delete, Move,Rename, Create Folder.
  • Support for Wi-Fi transmission, without connecting the USB cable to transfer files.
  • Support create of streaming-media playlist. Gesture function :
  • The horizontal of drag : adjust the playback position.
  • On the left side of the screen vertically drag : adjust the volume.
  • On the right of the screen vertically drag : adjust the brightness.
  • On the screen zoom : screen size adjustment.
  • Double-click : play/pause.
  • Triple-click : change video aspect screen.
  • Supported video formats : MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, RMVB, ASF,OGV and so on.
  • Supported audio formats : MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE and so on.
  • Support subtitle format : SRT, SSA, ASS.
  • Supported image formats : JPG, PNG, BMP,TIFF etc.
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