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Voice4u TTS (Text-To-Speech) is a text-to-speech app with natural sounding voices. The app can read what you type and photograph with the built-in camera. This easy-to-use app supports more than 30 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. If you are looking for a non-English Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC), Voice4u TTS is a very good option for you. The Premium plan provides extended features, such as saving, sharing, printing documents and backup your data. Basic Features - Read to you any text you type in 30 languages. - Adjustable audio settings: pitch, speed, and gender. - Read text that you photograph out loud in 30 languages. - Detect the type of language automatically. - Share your documents via email social media, and print wirelessly. - Supports more than 30 languages. PRO FEATURES available with in-app purchase - Unlimited use of photograph capture & speak (OCR). - Save texts as a document file. - Organize documents by user profiles. - Import / export documents - Backup your data wirelessly (cloud backup). - Use the PRO features on multiple devices.
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