Tom Loves Angela iPad
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- All Talking Tom wants to do is get a glimpse of the beautiful Talking Angela! Help Tom out by giving him the words he needs to woo her. Tom will repeat whatever you say. He'll even sing! He might need your help picking out presents to give her too. Are you ready to play Cupid? - Keep an eye out for Talking Ginger... That mischief maker is trying to mess things up for Tom! HOW TO PLAY - Help Tom win Angela's heart. Talk and he'll repeat whatever you say. - What will Tom and Angela do if you poke them? Find out! - Up the romance factor by swiping Tom – he'll blow a kiss! - Need some drama? Shake the device and the ground will shake. - Make it windy by blowing into the microphone. - Have a chat with Angela by pressing the "Letter" button. - Hear Tom and Angela sing a duet by pressing the "Song" button. - The "Flower Pot" button will let Ginger throw one at Tom! Watch out! - Think Tom should give Angela a gift? Press the "Gift" button! - Record and send funny videos to your friends. HOW TO CHAT - Remember, Angela currently only speaks and understands English, although she'd love to learn other languages in the future! - Start a chat with Angela by pressing the "Letter" button. - Type or dictate what you want to say. - Wait as Tom gives your message to Angela. - She'll then reply via text and voice. - You can talk to her about anything, from school and movies, to friends, food or fashion. - Test your knowledge with a trivia quiz. Just type in "quiz", "give me a quiz" or "play quiz"! - Want Angela to tell you a joke? Ask her! Type "tell me a joke". It's as easy as that.
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