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  • 6 Special features for ShadowTalk 1.No register
  • Don’t need your any contacts to sign in,make sure your personal information never be found 2.Parallel relationship in the network
  • Because of no register, you can play different roles to different people, even to the same people. For example, you are A, you have friends B and C. When chatting with B, you can in A or any other roles. And when chatting with C, you can also in A or any other roles. One day, when B meets with C and look each other contacts, they cannot find they have a common friend A. 3.No storage server
  • The text that you send only is saved in your own and the opposite side cell phone that receive your information,and the third party cannot find. 4.Burn after reading
  • This burn not only disappears in your cell phone, but also disappears in the whole network. Nobody can find the message any more. 5.Screenshot can be found
  • Chatting with your friend,ShadowTalk will notice you if the opposite side captures the screenshot 6.Peer to peer encryption
  • Using RSA encryption algorithm, asymmetric encryption, the public and private keys can reach a length of 2048.
  • ShadowTalk P2P communication software gives you more security chatting! It uses point to point communication mode to send pictures, text and voice, No storage in third party, No monitoring by third party, End to End message transmission through the private tunnel, Keep the full protection of your privacy when sharing of information.
  • The users no need to register, no need to enter any identity information, no binding with device number, phone number, email and other information, Avoid leak of the account and password authentication information. Just give your friend a nickname, you can chat in the private channel.
  • ShadowTalk uses private reading mode, text messages need to click the hidden box to view, picture messages need to hold down the hidden box to view. It uses burning after reading mechanism, For read messages it can set the time of burning after reading, without leaving any traces after chatting, For unread messages it can set the expire time on your friend’s terminal, the messages automatically deleted when the time expired. ShadowTalk gives you a totally new experience of private communication.
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