Returner Zhero
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A stunning 3D tactile space mystery puzzle game. Solve alien puzzles in an immersive sci-fi environment with spectacular graphics. This is a stand-alone game in the Returner series. - Experience a story of friendship and sacrifice, as you take on the role of a scientist who risked everything to spy on the aliens that invaded Earth. Frozen on the alien spaceship for five years, you awake when your old friend Colonel Ling enters the ship as a last ditch effort to get back to Earth. Journey through the mysteries of the massive crystal spaceship and complete your mission. SOLVE AMAZING PUZZLES - Brain-teasing and satisfying logic and tactile puzzles that activate and wake up mysterious alien technology IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY - Lose yourself in epic alien halls and fantastic environments unlike anything you've ever seen before DYNAMIC SOUND - Listen to the world around you with a soundtrack that changes as you move. Headphones for this game are a must-have! LIVE ACTION VIDEO - Discover the story that led you and Colonel Ling to the alien ship through unique live action videos throughout the game AI GUIDED - Never get stuck on a puzzle, and listen to your AI as you explore the ship **Compatible with iPhone 6s/iPad Air 2 or newer devices**
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