Zuslo - EQ & Music
Hidden App

Zuslo can improve your experience when playing music in your library. You can set the playback effect very easily: First, Zuslo will scan and import music from your device after you authorize. Or log in Dropbox with your account and password, after getting your authorization, you can download music from your Dropbox account. Then, tap to play a song and select an effect in song play page. You can play music in 21 kinds of effects incloud: + Dance + Jazz + Base Main + Acoustic + Classical + Rock + Latin + Pop + Hip-Hop + Electronic + Piano + Deep + Loudness + R&B + Lounge + Vocal Boost + Techno + Bules + Reggae + Metal + Country Whether playing music through headphones or speakers, the equalizer effect is great and professional. Zuslo provide 10 - Band equalizer, You can even make your own exclusive effects. Install Zuslo Now.
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