Free Game

Beautiful and unique world that symbolizes the features of each object.

  • Thirty-three ancient, medieval, and modern historic scenes as remembered by tools!
  • Explore the world through moments that only tools can perceive.
  • Experience the simple yet unique world of tools! Simple control. All you need are quick instincts.
  • You will become a tool in a moment of history that rides the wind, avoiding and destroying obstacles to hit your target.
  • Drag the screen or tilt your device for intuitive gameplay!
  • Don’t give up! All you need is intuition.
  • Destroy to move forward!
  • Ride the wind and raise your speed to use skills.
  • Use skills to destroy objects in your way.
  • Never stop and continue onward until you've eliminated the final target of the episode!
  • Use each of the three characters' unique skills wisely!
  • Jo, Bi, and Cal all have their own skills that adds fun in distinct ways.
  • Spin and go full speed to pulverize; create clones; and blow up your surroundings.
  • Your skills and strategies will help you complete each episode!
  • Fantastical and magical episodes.
  • As each stage progresses, the actions and introspections of the tools
  • will guide you into a story of beautiful moving illustrations. -What awaits you at the end of the their long tale?
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