King of Booze: Drinking Game
Free Game

  • It can be used for a bachelor and bachelorette party, house parties, group gatherings or game nights. Gather your friends (two or more), teens (18+), students, local beer pong champion, we don’t care and buy some booze, alcohol, beer, wine, cocktails, whiskey or whatever your poison is. And spend the night answering sexy questions or doing hot challenges and dares. There are over 220 challenges in the game, this includes activities such as:
  • slapping faces
  • drawing on faces
  • general silliness
  • sharpie tattoos
  • social media fun
  • bunch of "I wish I've never done that"
  • getting physical
  • If you're feeling extra creative you can put up to 500 custom challenges in the game. So all of your specific behaviors can be entered manually before the party. Meaning you can pretend your challenges came with the game (just blame us).
  • You and your friends are always given a choice between taking a drink or doing a challenge, let the mind games begin! Key features
  • Up to 14 players
  • 220+ challenges and choices
  • 3 game modes
  • 2 layouts
  • 2 alcotests
  • 40 super cute avatars
  • Up to 500 custom challenges
  • Gamepad support
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King of Booze: Drinking Game