WhatsApp Watusi

- It freezes the last seen option so that nobody can know that when you opened WhatsApp last time. - It hides read receipts so that no one can know if you read their messages or not. - It removes the status character restriction which allows you to add up to 256 characters instead of 139. - The profile photos can now automatically be adjusted and cropped. - We can now select unlimited images to send in a chat. - It always ask before calling someone, so that we can avoid accidental calls. - Dark keyboard feature makes it easy to type in night. - We can now change font sizes and colors by using WhatsApp Watusi. - If you download from our website, there will be no need to jailbreak your iDevice. - Typing indicator is removed so that no one can know if you are typing a message or not. - All the calls can now be recorded to listen to them later. - We can also protect different chats with different passwords to increase security and privacy. - We can also customize WhatsApp’s User Interface to make it look more stylish."
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