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- The civilization of the past vanishes, leaving behind only the Ancient Network. 256 years later, an anonymous explorer descends into its cold depths. - Venture into a journey through the endless empty cyberspace, inspired by the works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons and Peter Watts. - Immerse into the Ancient Network and uncover the secrets of the vanished civilization. - Communicate with the Titanic Interfaces and hack their secured Forms. Secrets hidden in the Network are waiting for you. - Exquisite visual style. - A new take on the classical arcade mechanics. - Immense attention to the story and atmosphere. - Epic boss battles. - Extraordinary music and sound effects. Use headphones! - The hero's progress system. Increase your level and become stronger. - Various skills for more effective hacking. - Engage more with the story by completing extra hacking tasks to discover secrets of the past. - Simple at first glance, hardcore when you get to know it. Be ready to test your reflexes. - Hyperforma is a premium game without ads and in-app purchases. Enjoy an exciting sci-fi story with dynamic gameplay and a great atmosphere.
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