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Popular World-wide Chinese Novel - ( Amazing Stories & Fictions ) Reading Online or Offline. Novel updates daily with fast translating speed and high quality. Whether you like reading or not, you will be addicted. AudioNovel contains all genres of stories: fantasy, romance, love, historical, horror, sci-fi, drama, fun, wuxia, xuanhuan, xianxia, fanfiction, scary stories, texting story, light novels, bedtime stories, sleep stories, chat stories, long stories or short stories. ● Audio books (hot) -You can read or listening with the Text to Speech feature, so you can listen to the story but still your job finish. ● Huge Chinese Novels Cloud Library -More than 32000+ Chinese novels have been translated into English at AudioNovel. which vastly outnumbers novels at other platforms. ● Excellent Translation Quality -Loved by novel fans all over the world: "Super easy to read, free, and plenty of well-translated books. Overall great app for reading books!","Love this APP so much! Perfect for novels!!", "Great for any genres!" ● Novel Updates Daily -Regular updates whenever new novels or new chapters are released. ● Download Fast -You can download each novel ebooks in order to read offline without wifi or internet connection. Or you can read online to receive daily updated chapters. Some features will be added in future versions. ● Reading record - Record your reading history. Before that, please add your favorite novels to the bookshelf. Now, download the app to discover the wuxiaworld. We hope that you have a goodreads experience.
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