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The easiest way to watch television on your Apple devices Imagine a television in which you can see every channel of the world... How it works?

  1. DOWNLOAD Install TV Streams on your Apple TV and iOS device from the App Store.
  2. ADD Import the channels you want using an M3U playlist. You can use the mail app or directly import from a Pastebin link.
  3. SYNC All the imported channels automatically synchronize with iCloud and are available on all your devices: Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.
  4. RELAX Relax and watch your favourite shows on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. Great features you'll love
    • EASE OF IMPORT It's easy to import a list of channels with the iOS app. It supports import from different apps like the Mail or Dropbox and it also supports direct import from a Pastebin link.
    • ICLOUD SYNC The sync mechanism with iCloud stores all your channels privately and securely, and keeps them updated in your devices.
    • INTUITIVE UI A UI that uses the native elements of iOS and tvOS enhances the usability of the app with elements that you are familiar with.
    • PLAYS THE MOST COMMON FORMATS We support the formats m3u8, mp4, mkv, mpv, 3gp and much more.
    • IOS APP Our iOS application allows to easily import list of channels easily using apps like the mail or dropbox and direct import from a pastebin link.
    • CONTINUOUS UPDATES We are continuously working to improve the app, if you have some idea or feedback send us an email and we will get back to you. This application allows the streaming of the most common formats, such as .m3u8, .mov, .mp4, .mpv, .3gp, .mkv., .ts
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TV Streams