War of the Zombie
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WAR OF THE ZOMBIE: - As Global Operations Director of Safe Industries, take charge of its Ark Carrier and recruit marines & other personnel, purchase real-life military equipment, research advanced technologies, build forward operating bases, move across the world within range of real-time missions, nuke, scavenge, infect, bribe, fortify and defend against the world's country governments in an attempt to save humanity from the zombie pandemic and resulting chaos. MAIN GAMEPLAY FEATURES: - Choose, equip and drop a team of 4 marines & vehicles into real-time combat - Survive, die or turn undead in zombie-infested, fully destructible mission zones - Enter, drive and fire from Humvees, BMPs, MRAPs, Mobile Gun Systems and Tanks - Pinch zoom in/out of mission zones as well as your global tactical map - Decide where to station your marines and how they develop as they increase rank & experience - Recruit & train marines, advisors, researchers, diplomats and doctors to aid in your quest - Research & Develop advanced technologies to aid in your missions success - Bribe, infect, scavenge, nuke, airstrike 200 country governments around the globe - Build up arsenals of real military weapons on your double-hulled command carrier - Build specialised labs to complete R&D and fabricate technology surplus to sell - Build up to 4 Forward Operating Bases at any one time to extend your mission deployment - Explore & scavenge procedurally generated underground bases - Stock up on Doré bars to purchase contraband from the blackmarket network - Find unique nano-tech items and store them in your Ark's vault - Tailor the gameplay to suit your playing style and device with numerous options - Change in-game text to English or auto-translated Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
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