Maps of our World
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- Would you find Egypt on a world map? And where are the Himalayas? - With MAPS OF OUR WORLD you can discover the world playfully. Learn the countries with their capitals, the rivers of North America, the largest deserts of Asia - whatever interests you. If you feel confident, put your knowledge to the test and win achievements in small challenges. **Note: In this version of the app the complete content is unlocked.** - MAPS OF OUR WORLD invites kids and grown-ups to go on a travel around the world on beautifully designed maps. It’s easy to get started for everyone, but the higher difficulty levels are a challenge even for experts! The following maps are available: - World map - North America - South America - Europe - Africa - Asia - Oceania - United States - United Kingdom - Germany - Switzerland - Every map comes in a political version with countries and cities and in a physical version rivers, lakes, mountains and much more.
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