World of Dinosaurs
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As well as the large array of comprehensive information, the app also features: - Stunning & original dinosaur illustrations compatible with high-definition retina devices. - High-quality Dolby audio containing scientific approximations of the sounds made by dinosaurs and their environment. - Scrollable backgrounds using the device gyroscope. You need to move your device in the left or right direction to scroll with the gyroscope, double tap on the screen to change scroll mode. - Information about plant or meat eaters. - Full information about the dinosaurs ages: how fossils form, prehistoric reptiles, extinction events and more - An easy to navigate table of contents, including meaning, pronunciation with voice, size comparison and more. - Apple Watch application, a mini dino app on your wrist! - 3D Touch: Get quick access to Dinosaurs, Discovery, and News from the home screen by pressing on the WOD icon. - News: You can follow latest dinosaurs' news. - Dinosaurs Widget: See random dinosaurs info in today widget center. - Dinosaurs Stickers: Dinosaurs stickers for iMessage - Facts:‚Äč Discover fun facts about dinosaurs with 3D Eggs, skull and etc...
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