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BlogTouch is the most powerful Blogger/Blogspot mobile editor. It's designed to ease your work so you can manage an unlimited number of blogs by publishing, editing and removing posts, pages and comments.

  • You like to share your story with everyone. But you don't live your life in front of a computer, so every time inspiration comes this application will help you share your ideas. When you are on the go or sitting on a cosy couch don't forget to take your gadget and start typing. MAIN FEATURES
  • Work remotely, directly from your phone
  • Publish, update and remove posts and pages
  • Check and reply to comments
  • Use the advanced rich text editor for better blogging
  • Work offline and publish articles only when you are ready. With automatic backup and synced copies you will never loose your ideas
  • Switch between multiple accounts and blogs
  • Edit pictures directly in the post
  • Everything is accessible, it doesn't matter if your article was already added with Blogger or if you just added it with BlogTouch
  • Pay once, use it for a lifetime FEATURES
  • Manage published, draft and offline posts and pages
  • Create scheduled posts for later publishing
  • Safely delete your articles by sending them to the recycle bin (offline storage)
  • Write with your voice using the device audio keyboard feature
  • Filter and sort by title, date created, date modified and comments count
  • Easily preview your articles
  • Set application password
  • Share posts with any app or service RICH TEXT EDITOR
  • Format text (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, super/sub script), change fonts, text color and style or alignment
  • Add pictures from camera, gallery or web URLs
  • Control pictures size live by touch and drag
  • Embed video from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Add tables, lists or links
  • View and edit HTML content ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  • Suggest Tags/Labels: the application will suggest relevant labels based on your content so it will be easier for you to define and publish your article
  • Comments Sentiment Analysis: Each comment will receive a sentiment score (positive, neutral or negative) so you can clearly see the readers feelings about your post
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