Gleam Of Fire
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- Inspired by retro action arcade games, "Gleam of Fire" brings one of a kind action to your mobile. Your mission is to bring the light to the dark world as the protector and last warrior of the light. Gameplay "Choose and Control your Battle!" - Evade all types of attacks and enemies with awesome dash or just combo your way with the sword to find the deepest portal. One of the coolest bow shooting effects in 2D platform games is at your finger tips. Gravitation changes as you charge arrow in the air to aim for that perfect shot through multiple enemies. Facing too much monsters at once? Freeze them all with the magic. "Easy to pick up, Hard to master!" - As you progress through levels, you will gain the controls you need to overcome some of the craziest enemies, enemies, and more ENEMIES! Bosses are also waiting for you at the end of each world. "Game Experience" - Gleam of Fire is rendered in 60 FPS for that perfect crisp touch control over 30 handcrafted challenging levels. Upgrades - Collect souls from enemies and lit the torches for more powerful upgrades. MFi Controller Support - Take a step further into retro gaming with MFi Controller. - Check in the options for key layout and turn on the gamepad support. Language - Fully supports English and Korean. Fullscreen - iPads fullscreen supported Premium -No in-app purchases or ads. -Content Updates. -Fast and friendly developer support :)
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