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Voice4u is picture-based communication app for those who have speech speech challenges. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling with impeding communication; autism, stroke, language barrier, traumatic brain injury, and etc. It can be a frustrating process for both the struggling individual, and the ones around him/her. Unlikely from conventional AAC communication devices, Voice4u is portable, customizable, and easy-to-use communication tool. With Voice4u, you can easily bridge the communication gap and have a more better and accurate understanding of the individual’s wants and needs. It comes with numerous of vivid and memorable specially designed images that can help assist and improve language. In addition, you can create as many as icons you need using your own photos and voice. In case you can’t record voice, Voice4u can generate voices for you in 30+ languages.

  • The app is developed through collaboration with professionals, such as, speech language pathologists, special education teachers, parents of special needs individuals, and researchers. Voice4u has been used in 100+ countries around the world since 2009. FEATURES
  • Over 180 symbols (icons), consisting of specially designed graphics and clear, easy-to-listen audios.
  • You can add your own symbols (icons) as many as 10,000 depending on the storage space of your device.
  • You can add a new symbol (icon) as fast as 5 seconds by taking advantage of machine learning algorithms.
  • Voice4u can generate voice in 30 different languages (instead of you record your own voice).
  • Switch Accessible: You can control Voice4u with Bluetooth Switch Interface from RJ Cooper & Associates.
  • You can wirelessly backup your data and synchronize your data between all devices you own.
  • Voice4u can be used off-line. WITH VOICE4U YOU CAN
  • Create a visual schedule
  • Create a visual social story
  • Be able to tell stories, explain an event or occasion
  • Make and share delicious visual recipes
  • Use for both adult and children
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Voice4u AAC