MyTopFans Pro - Social Tracker
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  • Analyzing your Facebook profile, this app reveals the identity of your fans and their level of interest in you. FEATURES RANKING CHARTS
  • look at the chart with pictures, rank position and quick details about each of your top 20 fans, kept up-to-date with the latest info from Facebook. FILTERS
  • filter your fans by such categories as new, climbing and falling. POSITION TRACKER
  • track the movement of your fans in the Top 20. FANBAR
  • see how much your fans care about you. FANMATRIX
  • generate an awesome collage with the pics of your top 20 fans, your biggest fans will have the biggest pics. FANSMARTDIARY
  • discover what binds you and your fans together. MYTOPSTORIES
  • browse your best stories from Facebook, tracking their movements in the chart. COLLAGE
  • create and share multiple photos at once in a beautiful collage on Facebook or Messenger.
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MyTopFans Pro - Social Tracker