Beep - Censor Videos Easily
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- Want to censor swearing in a video? - Or want to make an unnecessary censorship video? - Beep is the perfect app to do it in a cool way. Just tap where you want to censor. - If you swear too much on your YouTube videos this is the perfect app to make them audience appropriate! - Censor the words precisely, mute out bad words with bleep sound. Censor mouth or other visuals using emojis. ~ Make funny unnecessary censorship videos ~ - Turn perfectly good speeches of your friends or popular figures into something inappropriate and funny by censoring some words. Twist the meaning and have a laugh. Share on social media! FEATURES: - Edit the video easily with most simplest and straightforward editor. - Just tap and hold to censor an area on a video. - Adjust the censored area as you wish. - Add emojis to cover the mouth and express emotions of words being censored. - Export the video in Highest quality. - High quality bleep soun
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