Color Palettes App

Why should you use it?

  • You need a color range but you don't have any idea to make it.
  • You need a tool to choose color schemes.
  • You need a color converter between HEX, HSB, RGB, CMYK. So, iPalettes will provide tools and give you ideas to create many beautiful palettes.
  • You can choose from 1000+ color palettes in Inspiration tab. In addition, you can edit and save your palette to review it later. At the end, you can save it to Camera Roll and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email or AirDrop as you want. With iPalettes, there are 3 ways to create a palette:
  • From Photo Library or Camera iPalettes will analyze image colors and create the best palette from it, but you can edit this palette as you like
  • From Color Picker Tool
  • From Pantone Pantone is a color range to create palettes. How to use?
  • There are 2 main tabs, Inspiration and My Palettes. Inspiration is a list of suggested palettes. My Palettes is a list of palettes that you saved. Tap and hold item in My Palettes if you want to delete it.
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