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* This app is especially for IOS devices to view the streets of the world. * Using this app check the status of the upcoming roads& building in your areas. * Find the nearest Restaurants, shopping malls, education centers, hospitals, .... - Have a look at the world through this app - Go anywhere in the world without any guide. - Share your presently location by send the picture of the nearest shop,mall,road or street, - Send image instantly via Facebook or mail. - Save the pictures of the street view you visited. - Developed using latest technology. - App shows most happening and famous places around the world A few Places list in the App -Amazing building - World famous Zoo parks, - National Parks - Ski resorts - Best Beaches - Hotel and many others Enjoy the app Features: - Store streets visited - Locate your Position - Share images with Friends - Find nearest Shopping malls, hotels... - Watch your favorite location without any guide.
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