Disillusions Manga Horror
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- Explore in first person to proceed in the horror story. - Featuring 2D anime manga style character art and 3D environments. - Control two characters, DiS and Sui, see how their story connects. - Dark, gritty surroundings and eerie audio effects for atmospheric gameplay. - Retro indie horror, with a story to kill for. - Sandbox multiplayer, place traps, chat and scare other players! - Exploring, trap and chat in all 4 chapters with the multiplayer! First person horror story, manga character art, 3D visuals and multiplayer. - DiS and Vigil are two friends who visit the haunted residence the newspapers have been covering recently. Unbeknownst to them, however, the place is not as abandoned as the press makes out... - Be drawn into exploring the mysterious past of the psychotic murderer who once called the place home? Visit the original crime scene with Police girl Sui, solve and see how she is involved with the story! Has she been hiding something, are DiS, Sui and Vigil connected somehow?
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