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- Piano Companion is a flexible piano chords and scales dictionary with user libraries, reverse mode, the circle of fifths, chord progression builder with common patterns. - If you can’t remember the name of a piano chord or scale, this app helps you to find it by keys or using your external MIDI keyboard. For example, just press C, G and you will get C Major as the first piano chord in the search result. - If you don’t see a piano chord or a specific scale, you can create a custom piano chord or scale and use it for chord charts or your user library. - The Piano Companion app shows chord and scale notes on the grand staff, degrees, relative scales, intervals, fingering for both hands in major and minor scales – and you can contribute your own custom fingering too. - Additionally, you can listen how a scale or chord sounds in the loop or arpeggiated. You can see the list of compatible chords in the selected scale or list of compatible scales for a selected chord. - The app helps you to experiment with different chord progressions using our Chord Progression Builder using relative or common chords. Key features: - 1500+ piano chords, up to 6th inversions such as major, minor, diminished, augmented, sevenths, etc. - 10,000+ scales, such as major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, blues, etc. - Chord Progression builder with scale patterns (chord sequencer) - Interactive Circle of Fifths with grand staff and relative scales - Ability to input your own custom chords and organize your own chord charts and library - External MIDI keyboard support for reverse mode - MIDI output (iOS) with ability to connect your favorite DAW with Piano Companion - List of available chords in Circle of Fifths - Popular key notations: English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, etc. - Shows chord and scale in different octaves on the grand staff with treble and bass clef - Displays compatible scales’ chords - Displays similar and relative scales - Analytical labels: Secondary Dominant and Secondary Leading-Tone - Common degrees: Tonic, Supertonic, Mediant, Subdominant, Dominant, Submediant, Leading tone (in Major scale) / Subtonic (in Natural Minor Scale) - Displays compatible chords’ scales - Ability to create custom chords or modify existing ones - Audio support: ability to play chord in the loop or arpeggio; ability to play scale in the loop - Arpeggio in the chord progressions - Relative scale suggestions - Relative chords in chord progressions - You can create your own scale fingering and have the ability to use community scale fingerings - User libraries with ability to add scale or chord - You can create your own chord libraries and chord charts - Ability to create favorite scales - Chord Intervals: Unison, Perfect Fifth, Major Third, Minor Third, etc.
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