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Retro Cinema - Best app for classic shows and public domain movies! Come here and download it now! Watch your favorite classic shows and public domain movies anywhere, anytime on any iOS device, enjoin high speed, high movie quality! PLEASE NOTE: This app only and only let you watch classic/public domain movie, this app not contain any new and copyrighted movies! Retro Cinema provide for you many legal public domain movie and classic show with high movie quality and fastest streaming speed! And specially it's free and always will be! Highlighted Features: (+) High quality & Fast - Playing movie for you in seconds and always provide highest movie quality as we can. This app native support AirPlay, you can cast to Apple TV very easy! (+) Official informations - We provide many movie informations, similar movie and recommend movie you may also like. For now, the app contain about 1200 public domain movie for you! (+) Beautiful design - Simple, vintage, and customizable film archive, which fits in your pocket, all you need under your fingertip. (+) Recommend local movies - Searching movies around you by your location, by GPS we will recommend to you the classic movie about this locations, it may be help you know about history, people... and somethings you may don't know before! (+) Bookmark & Reminder - Bookmark and manage your favorite movies list, set reminder for movie do you want to watch it later. (+) Voice Search - Search your movies, tv show you like by your voice, no need to type anything, anymore! Very useful if your hand busy or hard to typing! (+) Secure Mode - Help you secure your favorite movie by use TouchID or FaceID, this feature is optional in Favorite Tab. Tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to send your ideas on existing movies or new public domain movies to add, just let us know, but in the meantime lay back, relax, and enjoy. All movies contained within the Retro Cinema application are public domain works as classified under creative commons. Public Domain Movie is the status of a published work or invention upon which the copyright or patent has expired or which has not been patented or subject to copyright. It may thus be freely used by the public. There are many movies that are now in the Public Domain, and therefore, you can enjoy them for free. The movies are not DVD quality, but they are rare and priceless. Also, some of these films are silent or the sound is not a high quality. Most of these films are vintage and only seen here on Retro Cinema! Thanks you so much for using Retro Cinema! Don't hesitate to give us a touch or just an email at: [email protected]
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