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MyURemote is a professional and powerful smart remote app with an easy to use interface. It provides control of home theater and home automation devices like TV's, projectors, receivers, bluray, media servers, etc ... MyURemote comes with a great set of features designed to make your Audio Video setup as user-friendly and appealing as possible. MyURemote does not offer in-app purchases. All functionalities and timeless support are included in the price.

  • Important: as not all devices support network control, most users' systems need a IR adapter e.g. Global Cache - http://www.globalcache.com. Global Caché Adapters offer an affordable and flexible way to connect almost any device to a network so it can be accessed and controlled. What makes MyURemote highly recommended?
  • Straight forward and quick setup.
  • Simplify the use of your Home Theatre system with Activity and Macro buttons
  • Add recognizable labels to your Rooms, Inputs and Macros, so that buttons become familiar and easy to use.
  • Integrate ALL your remote controls into ONE easy to use lay-out.
  • Lay-Out for iPad(tablet) and for iPhone(smartphone).
  • Activity based: buttons automatically corresponding device in action.
  • Display with live feedback.
  • Direct network control (smart devices).
  • Editing is local on the device or online.
  • Cloud-based: configuration is retrievable from any device using the same login.
  • Auto DLNA (network devices) discovery.
  • IR controllers support virtually any device
  • Automatic discovery with unmatched IP control.
  • Create your own macros and scenarios.
  • Add your favorite channel buttons and icons. -Highly customisable, and flexible.
  • Both home-automation and audio/video control in one app.
  • No line of sight requirements *.
  • Free technical superb (cloud based) support.
  • All functions in one price - No in-app purchases!
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Universal Remote Control App