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  • All the world's currencies at your fingertips! Since 2009, XE Currency been connecting the world through currency exchange by providing reliable exchange rates and charts for free. Trusted by millions worldwide, our NEW and improved app has everything you need when calculating foreign exchange rates with a refreshed and modern look. With XE Currency Pro, you can track more currencies at once without the inconvenient advertisements. Pro Features include:
  • Calculate prices with the currency converter advertisement-free
  • Monitor up to 20 currencies of your choice
  • Monitor the markets with immediate notification using XE Rate Alerts
  • Access to every world currency and precious metal
  • Easy-to-use calculator functionality
  • Saves the last updated rates when offline
  • Historical charts for any currency pair in the world
  • Compare your provider's price to the mid-market rate -Currency Profile shares facts about your favorite currency
  • Market Analysis highlighting currency news everyday
  • Customization for the frequency of rate updates
  • Currency widget for at-a-glance views
  • Sync capability with your Apple Watch
  • XE Currency Pro does more than convert currencies. It's your go-to currency app for international travel, shopping, or personal and business use, providing you with the mid-market rate that acts as a benchmark to foreign exchange rate providers. We empower people to know more and do better… because behind every currency exchange, query, or transaction is a person trying to accomplish something important.
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