Minimalist Puzzle

Follow.trail is a minimalist puzzle game, where the goal is to follow the trail of dots without leaving anything behind. ----- WHAT ARE THE REVIEWS? "An impressive, minimalist logic game that will twist your mind into a pretzel."

  • Kate Gray @MacLife Magazine (4.5 / 5) "The simple and clever design and high level of challenge will provide many hours of entertaining in both bite-size chunks or longer play sessions."
  • Nick Vigdahl @TouchArcade (4.5 / 5) "If you’re fan of relaxed but challenging puzzle games, this is one you really shouldn’t miss."
  • @AppUnwrapper ----- WHAT DOES IT FEATURE?
  • Countless procedurally generated levels with a shared seed, so that all players are solving the same puzzles.
  • Simple mechanics that combined result in challenging but rewarding puzzles.
  • No hints or skipping levels. Sorry. You have to beat them all. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Something for you to discover and something for you to reach.
  • Minimalistic graphics emphasizing the goal of the game.
  • No menus, options or other unnecessary features for maximum focus.
  • Simple swipe controls with slow swipe to preview the next move.
  • iCloud support with Game Save synchronization.
  • Game Center support with Achievements and Highest Level Leaderboard.
  • Haptic Feedback support.
  • Always ready to play with no loading screens.
  • Super light for those concerned about storage.
  • No Ads or In App Purchases! Pay once and play.
  • Designed and implemented by one independent developer who loves games and hopes to deliver more of them in the future. ----- WHO AM I?
  • Games were always my escape from the sad reality. But playing games wasn’t enough for me and I wanted something more. I wanted to make games.
  • With that in mind, I started my career as a software developer in 2007 and after 2 years of saving I bought my MacBook Pro and iPhone 3GS with a plan to make games in my free time. In 2010 I moved from Poland to Canada to start a new life with my wife, but my dream about making games hasn’t changed. Now, many iPhones later, after many projects and hours spent, my first game that I developed on the same old MacBook, is finally out.
  • My initial goal was to make something simple and quick. That wasn’t me. It took me over a year but it became my most personal game with a meaning behind every single detail. Now when I see other people playing the game and their reactions when solving the puzzles they struggled with, I know it was worth it.
  • Who knows, maybe my game will inspire someone somewhere out there to became a developer as well. That’s why it’s worth doing! ----- PRIVACY POLICY follow.trail do not collect, store or share any of your data. It never has and it never will. Period.
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