Dungeon of Chaos
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  • Retro-style RolePlayingGame (RPG) in the spirit of old classics.

  • Vast locations to explore in a top-down 2D tile-based view.

  • Many different character classes, spells and skills to employ. Guilds can give access to advanced classes.

  • Rewarding quests to fulfill.

  • Atmospheric music, and detailed lighting and line-of-sight visual mechanics.

  • Non-linear content and exploration: many locations exist outside the main storyline, with unique monsters and treasure and secrets.

  • Some locations are fully randomized and different each time you play (procedural content generation). Some are randomized and re-settable. And there are over 30 fixed locations supporting the main storyline.

  • Many rare item properties make for over 5,000,000 combinations that let your armor, weapons, and accessories take on powerful bonuses.

  • Defeat many different monsters with unique abilities and challenges. level up your characters and upgrade their abilities.

  • Find important NPCs to expand your skill sets, find magic books to boost your spell knowledge and improve your equipment by trading your bounty with various shop owners.

  • Intricate fight mechanics: flanking or being flanked makes an encounter change from being easy to being dangerous, and vice versa; using the right boost/support/attack spells and skills will prove vital for survival.

  • Control a party of 6 characters, which you can generate using 9 starter classes and unique character features.

  • Try out different classes, experience different randomized locations, find different equipment, for great replay value.

  • Various difficulty levels. Higher difficulty yields better loot but also much tougher enemies and game mechanics

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Dungeon of Chaos