Sun and Moon Pro
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Watch the movements of the sun, the moon, the planets and stars in the sky for any time and from any position on the earth.

  • Predict the positions of the sun and the moon for any time for any position on the Earth.
  • Sunrise, sunset for any given date - just swipe the sky view. Click on date or clock symbol to go back to current time. In the Sun tab, scroll through the days and notice the the sunrise and sunset times changing.
  • Click on map symbol to choose a new location on a map.
  • Moonrise, moonset for any given date.
  • Today widget for quick view
  • Notifications
  • By swiping the sky view, you change the time and date and the app shows the position of sun and the moon, moon phase, next new or full moon after the chosen date, and how much the daytime has increased since last solstice (December & June) and since Yesterday.
  • Swipe fast (fast forward/rewind in time) by using two or three fingers.
  • Tap on the info text to hide it for better view.
  • Pinch or tap to zoom Today Widget
  • A today widget gives fast access to the essential data about sun and moon, including a red arrow pointing in its direction. Excellent when you only need a quick glance at when the sun sets and it gets dark Notifications
  • Notifications notify you of sunset, sunrise, new moon, full moon, solstice, equinox (the sun passes equator and day and night have nearly equal length), and these can be turned on or off. Sunset notification can be sent 30 minutes before sunset.
  • Choose in Settings which notifications you would like and which you would like to turn off.
  • No unsolicited notifications! Only notifications related to sunsets, solstices, equinox etc. Share Button
  • Share to friends and involve them in the fascinating world of Sun and Moon watching. Change View
  • You can change between Sky View and Space View, where each cellestial body's position in space is carefully and correctly calculated, however distance and sizes of sun and moon have been resized to make them visible.
  • The moon phase text field shows the moon's illumination, and if the moon is in the Earth's shadow it changes to Lunar Eclipse (0-100 %), and if the moon covers the sun for your position, the text changes to Solar Eclipse (0-100 %.)
  • See how sunrise and sunset times differ for various places and dates.
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Sun and Moon Pro