Prompt 2
SSH Client

  • Panic Sync Finally. Sync your favorite servers, passwords, private keys, and clips, between Prompt on all of your iOS devices. It’s fast, it’s extremely secure, and best of all, it’s free.
  • Clips Put your most-used commands and text bits into clips and access them with a single tap via Prompt’s keyboard bar. Clips can be stored globally or per-server.
  • TouchID Lock Secure Prompt, and only Prompt, using TouchID. Keep your servers safe.
  • Private Key Generation You can now generate keys without leaving Prompt. Drop 'em on your server, and you're off.
  • Improved Key Management Working with private keys is easier than ever
  • Open Connection Switching Easily switch between connections using a tab bar (iPad) or edge swiping (iPhone).
  • Server Folders Create groups of servers for easier sorting.
  • A Fresh New Design Sleeker, cleaner, beautiful — Prompt now looks the part in iOS 8.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Ready Looks great on any screen size. MORE FEATURES:
  • Customizable Keyboard Bar
  • Autocomplete
  • Full Bluetooth Keyboard Support
  • Agent Forwarding
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Prompt 2